Special Skills

Rachel Mbuki Marete

I am a former Miss Universe contestant currently residing in Beverly Hills, CA. where I am a TV Host, and entrepreneur. I am also a graduate of Strathmore University, BS in Business Information Technology, California State University Northridge (CSUN), BA in Communication Studies, and Santa Monica College, AA in Broadcast Journalism and Management. Through my own harrowing experience, I have become an anti- cyber bullying activist. I am currently working on partnering up with organizations dealing with the same to use my platform to spread awareness on cyber harassment, its effects on mental health and how to curb and overcome it.


Programming, Ms office, CRM software, Photoshop, Video & Sound editing, Radio Dj, Teleprompter reading.
Technology 90%
Yoga, Bicycling, Bowling, bascketball, Rope skipping, Jogging, Hiking, swimming, beginners Horseback riding.
Sports 90%
Singing, Hosting, Runway modelling, Beauty pageants, Bascketry, World traveler, current passport, Typing 95 wpm, kenyan-American
Other 90%
Swahili, Germany, kamba, Queen's English.
Fluent in 4 Languanges 95%
British, African, Caribbean, Valley girl.
Accent 95%